Central East Illinois Meet 2
Awards List

Welcome to the Central East Illinois Meet 2 FIRST Tech Challenge Awards and Closing Ceremony! The FIRST Tech Challenge is just one of the awesome programs that exist in the FIRST progression of programs! FIRST has worked to create a progression of programs for aspiring science and technology leaders from the ages of 6 to 18! Our STEM programs are a fantastic opportunity for your students to have the hardest fun they've ever had!

Speaking of the hardest fun you'll ever have, what an amazing day we've had! Before we hand out our prestigious Awards, let's thank the awesome people who made this event happen.

Our FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteers are the very best! Please give a big round of applause for all the volunteers who have given their time, effort, dedication, and so much more to make this program a success.

Also today would not be possible without the amazing generosity of our FIRST Tech Challenge Season Presenting Sponsor, Qualcomm, our FIRST Tech Challenge Official Program Sponsor, Rockwell Collins! Thank you!

Before we hand out the Awards, I would like to introduce you to our special guest.

[Introduce Speaker]

If I could please have all of the Judges, Referees, and FTAs come up front for the presentation of the Awards. (Pause) Let's give a round of applause to our Judges, Refs and FTAs for all of their expertise, dedication and hard work.

[Introduce Judges and Referees and FTAs]

Thank you! And now, the Awards.

Families and friends, thank you all for being a great audience today! Students, thank you for bringing your Gracious Professionalism to the competition today! And thank you ALL for helping support the next generation of innovators. We had an excellent event with all of you and look forward to seeing you next year!

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